We are pleased to announce that GB3NA is now located back in Barnsley.

Inital reports suggest that NA’s footprint is massively improved with many users now making use of GB3NA again.

Currently operating as analouge only we intend to install Fusion in the near future.

SYRG have been spending the past few months installing a tower and migrating our various repeaters into a our customised home within a portakabin.

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Goodnight, Mr Tim

British ESA astronaut Tim Peake returned to Earth after six months on the International Space Station. During his time in orbit, he did a huge amount of work to share the excitement of his trip with young people and support education across the curriculum.

As part of this,

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School launches BBC micro:bit into space

Twenty students from Rishworth School, West Yorkshire, teamed up with their ICT teacher, Peter Bell, to send their homemade space probe over 100,000 feet (about 20 miles) into the air using a helium balloon.

Their probe, consisting of a micro:bit, two Raspberry Pi computers and an adorable Lego astronaut pilot took pictures of the Earth and recorded a bone-chilling minimum temperature of -47.9°C.

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Tweets from SYRG Tweets from SYRG

  • Does anyone know what this is, it as a valce and some big droppers inside it is 220volt Ernie G4LUE ,
  • It's Valentine's day give your loved one a treat and tune in to SDR for a few hours ...... ,

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